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Rex's story


Rex, from the Isle of Man, waited nine years for a kidney

Rex was diagnosed with Alports syndrome at the age of two, a disease which can lead to deterioration in kidney function. He was very sporty at school and never believed that his kidneys would fail completely.

However, as he reached 19 he suffered complete kidney failure and was placed on dialysis. Despite the gruelling treatment, he continued his studies at Liverpool John Moores University while undergoing treatment. It wasn’t until he was studying in Malaga, Spain as part of his degree that he took a turn for the worse.

“While I was living out in Spain I suffered a very serious brain haemorrhage, which left me in a coma. My family were told to prepare themselves for the worst and were told that even if I did ever wake up I would be completely paralysed, in a wheelchair for the rest of my life and unable to look after myself.

“My parents, brother and sister never stopped believing in me, praying everyday and speaking to me at my bedside. When I did eventually wake up after 18 days I discovered the entire left side of my body was paralysed. I began relentless physiotherapy and gradually regained the ability to walk unaided.”

Rex returned to university in Liverpool and finished his degree in Tourism Leisure and Spanish. He went on to work full time after that, despite having to have dialysis three times a week for four hours at a time.

“Eventually, after nine long years of waiting I received a call out of the blue at my home on the Isle of Man to say a kidney had become available and I had to fly over to Liverpool on the first flight the next morning. I arrived in Liverpool at 8am, was taken to theatre for transplant at 12.30pm and was back on the ward with a fully functioning kidney by 7pm.

“The transplant has completely changed my life as I have my freedom back to travel, improve my career and fully enjoy life. The change in me has been remarkable. Some of my friends and family were brought to tears after seeing the complete transformation in me.”

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